Sage 50
Accounting 2014
streamlines your everyday
accounting tasks.

Check out these brief videos to find out more about the new features in Sage 50 Accounting 2014

  • More Efficient Invoicing:
    Speed through your accounts receivable tasks with new enhancements from Sage 50. Members of your team now have easy access to critical dates and important credit status notifications. Plus, add new customers to Sage 50 without leaving your screen.
  • At-a-glance Quote Status Features:
    Turn opportunities into more sales with at-a-glance-features from Sage 50. New status column on Quote Lists make it easy to follow up on quotes before they expire, make sure pricing is consistent and see which quotes have turned into actual sales.
  • Streamlined Accounts Payable:
    Simplify your accounts payable tasks with the latest improvements in Sage 50. More quick links to information and reports, more critical dates displayed, and more options to pay invoices. Plus, easily track and filter reports by assigning payment methods to the bills you pay.
  • Time-saving Accounts Receivable Enhancements:
    Shave time off of your accounts receivable tasks with the newest features from Sage 50. Enter the amount received and Sage 50 will match it to the open invoice. Get access to all the information you need on one screen.